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First major epiphany this morning: I DON'T LIKE THE POPE ANYMORE!!!
This was as a result of THIS: www.thenewcivilrightsmovement.…
I was so proud of his "who am I to judge" speech about gay people. At that point I was like, "this is my favourite pope ever!" and then this happens and it's right back to square one.... sigh.
She closes her eyes
And throws her head back.
The wind, the wind,
The music and the smell of winter
Wraps around her hair, throws it around,
Slaps it and forces her to spin,
Like a clumsy ballerina,
Forgotten choreography giving way for hands,
Thrown up in the dry, cold air,
Fingers clawed, reaching out
To something beyond the moon.
The dress is faded,
The heart is jaded,
The tatters of fashion whip in the tempest.
The clouds part,
The rain pours and the fabric sticks to skinny,
Muddy legs,
And cold toes dig into the soil and the dying grass.
She runs uphill,
To a house by the sea, on the edge of a cliff
Where wretched birds squawk and disturb the peace.
Her heart soars,
Her feet leave the ground.
She is flying.
She is dying.
She is free.
The Tempest
This is kind of what it feels like to let it go.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
Sometimes it makes me sad.
You know I never really loved the way I look.
But sometimes,
I think about it and I remember
How beautiful my skin was before all this.

But having the scars doesn't bother me either,
Not entirely.
Later on, it'll just be a part of my story.
Scarred legs in the summer will be looked at,
But they're my legs
And I'll wear them with pride anyways.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
I was curious.
A week and a half ago
I was gonna kill myself with them.
They're just a science experiment.
From an actual text message I sent to a friend.
I live more in a day with you
Than I do
In months without,
And now, thinking about
Rooftop escapades, wind-blown hair,
Glittering eyes and cool city air,
I'm wishing myself back
To vibrating train tracks,
Big jumps and cliff diving,
Tall ladders, night driving...

My life began
The day that I ran
Unknowing into the fire
Of a girl that lifts me higher
Than my broken wings could take me.
Please, baby, don't forsake me.
There's a fairytale out there
Where we do the things we dare,
And we dare to do much more,
And we open every door...

Run away.
Run away.
Run away with me.
It never was,
And never will be
Meant for you and me.
The Rooftop Escapade
I started it after our adventure, and finished it after our goodbye. I hope it wasn't goodbye forever... and I don't think it is.
So, recently I've been getting into a lot of debates on here, mostly concerning religion and gay rights. I've already been called a bitch a couple times, and had people deny that the statistics I gave were true. SO, for those out there who are reading this and actually hearing me out...

I don't go to church, I don't pray, but I do believe in God because I was raised that way. However, I do not believe He is or ever will be the answer to all our problems, nor do I believe that the Bible or other religious texts should be the basis for what we consider moral or immoral.
Recently, a huge debate sparked between myself and another individual because I said that religion shouldn't be presented as the answer to all our problems. Why? Well, consider this: an atheist is battling depression and is told by a Christian that God will help them get through it. BAM. An entity they believe does not even exist has been presented as the solution for their problems. Depression gets worse.
By all means, feel free to say what you feel about your religion and your god, but always remember to begin the sentence with "I think". Since it's impossible to prove God's existence, you should not be presenting things related to religion as fact unless they have been in some way documented by a reliable source.
Another thing is... when I watched Chocolat, the movie ended with the priest saying something very wise. I don't remember the exact words, but it was something along the lines of "we cannot judge our goodness by what we don't do" and went on to say that goodness should also not be measured in what we deny ourselves and who we exclude.
Which brings me to the next point.

Gay. People. Are. People. That means that when you call them perverted, it hurts. When you deny them equal rights, it hurts. When you hold their sexuality against them due to preconceived notions, it hurts. Nobody likes prejudice... how many of the homophobes out there have actually bothered to sit down and talk to a gay person and find out how they think and how they live? Or just what they're like as a person? There are nice gay people and mean gay people, just like there are nice straight people and mean straight people, but you have to get to know them as individuals before judging them.
And then religion comes in again. "God doesn't hate them but he hates what they do" and "Gays are sinners" and "Because they choose not to change their ways, they choose to live a life apart from God, therefore they will go to hell". I've already heard all of these. You don't choose to be gay, it's not really something you can change either. It's like telling someone they're gonna go to hell because of their eye colour, which sounds stupid but if you think about it, it's exactly the same as telling a gay person they're gonna go to hell, except I suppose the Bible never mentioned God's dislike of a particular eye colour. But let me ask you this... what is religion about? It's about creating an environment which is filled with love, joy, peace, and friendship. It's supposed to be a safe haven... and it should be able to be that, for people from all walks of life, regardless of their race, gender, or sexuality. If you believe in God, I think it's time to evolve with the times and decide for yourself that since God created the first humans, and since them there have been gay humans born among us, we should assume that God let it be so. And if God created gays, he meant for them to be here and he meant for them to be invited with open arms by other members of the Christian faith. It's time to accept... straight people and gay people are not that different. You want the right to love who you love, be with the one you love, and express your love for that person openly and without fear. And as long as nothing has been done to harm you, you have NO reason to hold it against them.

I hope you get the message. And if you don't... well, I shall never stop trying and trying to explain again until you understand. I just want to open eyes to what I believe is true.


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